Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clearing Off The Top Deck

So, the last two days have been productive. Our buddy Guy came over and helped us get the mast down onto the ground. That enabled Jeanne and I to start ripping out screws. And man, do we have a lot of screws. We eventually plan to count all the screws we took up, but we are too tired right now. The plan is to get the entire deck cleared of everything so we can start epoxying in holes and filling in scratches with gelcoat. Some sanding and ready for paint. Here are some pictures of the boat finally.

This is after the thru halls were removed.

Top view of the deck from the stern.

 Top view of the deck from the bow.

 Our buddy Guy, after he helped us to lower the mast. Notice the rails are all down.
Jeanne removing screws!

One happy girl!

- The Captain


  1. Oh, when I saw that you took out the mast, I remember our boat, actually we must do the same. As well as the painting. I will follow your "story".... :) I love to sail too.

    1. I hope we will be able to give you some insight on what needs to be done. There are different ways to paint the boat. We are planning on doing a gelcoat type paint, as that will fill in all the hairline spider cracks that we have. Thank you for following.