Sunday, April 1, 2012

Deconstruction Finished

This week was a fairly productive week. The boat is completely stripped of all hardware. It looks barren and quite ugly now. I'm glad it is finished now as Jeanne is getting itchy to start putting the boat back together, but it will be a slow process. Preparing the top deck for paint will consist of multiple steps. First step...fill in all the holes. Went to FiberGlass Coatings, Inc. here in St. Pete on Thursday to get supplies and to talk to their specialists. They are fantastic for DYIers like us. Tommy spent 45 minutes first listening to what we would like to accomplish and then showing and explaining all the different options for us to create a professional looking job. After we all came up with what we felt was the best solution, we carried out our two part epoxy. Monday we start drilling and filling and we plan to show the steps with pictures for anyone who might be interested. Stay tuned.

- The Captain

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