Friday, April 20, 2012

Lot's Happening

Where to begin. Jeanne and I took the engine last week over to Bob's work to power clean and drop the oil. Bob is a great friend of ours, a diesel mechanic and has offered his talents to do a full overhaul on the engine. Thanks Bob!

Bob power washing the engine
Engine lifted in the air
Bob draining the oil

After all this, we strapped the engine back on the trailer and headed to his house. This will be it's home for the next couple of weeks.

Engine in Bob's garage

Apparently Bob got the itch to start breaking the engine down two days later and had Becky, his wife send some initial pics. These are from Becky.

Cute toes Becky!
Looking good!

Also this week, we picked up some new toys. My Mom and Dad visited us and brought with them our 45 lb. CQR anchor that Dad picked up off of Craigslist down in Key West a couple of weeks ago. Also, here is a pic of the Edson pedestal and guard Jeanne mentioned in her post and our Lofran windlass we picked up off of Craigslist.

Edson pedestal

45 lb CQR

Lofrans Progress One windlass

That's about it. Preparing the boat for painting still. Should have pics soon of the boat completely stripped. Have a good weekend.

- The Captain


  1. That looks great having access to a shop like that to work on your engine!

    1. Our friends are great. We have a huge talent pool to pull from. With all their help, we should be wet soon.

      - The Captain