Monday, January 28, 2013

A Lot of Progress

It has been a while since we posted and a lot has happened. We purchased a few more items for the boat at great prices. You have to love Craigslist. One of which was an eight person self inflating life raft. All through the summer and this winter, we have diligently been working at home on all the "stuff" we stripped from the boat. Jeanne has been working on all the stainless steel. I have stripped and rebuilt all the winches. Bob has gotten good progress done on the engine and we hope to fire her up in the next week or two. Below are some updated pictures. Stay tuned as we hope to have Living Life in the water soon.

Jeanne outside working on the stanchions

A before and after shot of the stanchions

Some of the stainless before and after cleaning

Some of the stainless after cleaning

One of the winches torn down for cleaning

Parts after cleaning
Engine upside down, but bottom end complete

Turned upright. Ready for flywheel and bell housing

- The Captain

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  1. Lots of work. Looks good. Do you have any updated pictures?